Kaikohe Demolition

Kaikohe Demolition

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Average of 568 ratings: 3.4 Stars

2004 M Contains low level offensive language.

New Zealand small town Kaikohe made world news in 1991 when some of its children attacked santa in the local christmas parade. Habicht's documentary focuses on something positive, northlands most rock 'n' roll event, The Kaikohe Demolition Derby. Told by the people involved, Kaikoha Demolition exposes the innocence and artistic beauty of a violent spectator sport.

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53 minutes
Magna Pacific

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5 by RRRRR

A fantastic fly on the wall docu with interviews showing real working class kiwi life and recreation. You cant help but love all the characters just for being themselves. Bit like sitting around with... Read more

3 by Nic61

This cracked me up! What a cool movie... I just loved seeing all the typical "Kiwi" things. My flatmate and I were cracking up during the car scenes - a really good look at a slice of Kiwi life. Would recommend.

4 by Leonov Leonid

A charming look at rural New Zealand culture, warts and all.

3.5 by worale

A great doco of people in a small town doing what they love. We sure have some characters in NZ.

3 by flowergirl

This is not a movie, it is a documentary, and it is about people more than it is about car racing. It is about people who love cars and racing and having fun without a big budget. It has the character... Read more

3 by shadie

This film was hardcase, grass roots New Zealand about the Kaikohe Demolition Derby rounds. Uncle Bimm was a entertaining colourful character amongst others and it was cool to see a real community spirit involved with the Derby.

5 by batik

A terrific movie, great real characters, lovely community, Lovely scenery shots, funny, engaging.

3 by chickletducks

This didn't seem to go anywhere but did make me want to see another demolition derby!

3 by Wahine24

Bit disappointed with this, but considering budget constraints, a good little doco on small town in Kaikohe, Northland. Looks like they all enjoyed themselves, although got a bit hoha with one of the main characters.

3 by Music From The Road

A thouroughly watchable doco about ordinary men doing what most of us dream of doing to our cars. No, not pimping them out, smashing them up. The film's marketing is as sideways as the film itself in... Read more