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Our best guess for you: 3.2 stars

Average of 2088 ratings: 3.2 Stars

2008 M Suitable for mature audiences 16 years and over.

Anywhere is possible.

A genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between Jumpers and Paladins - those who have sworn to kill them.

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88 minutes
20th Century Fox

DVD details

Screen Format
1.85:1 Widescreen
English, English for the hearing impaired
English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby Digital 2.0

Blu-ray details

Screen Format
Widescreen 2.35:1
Italian, Italian text, Castilian Spanish, Castilian Spanish text, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish. English for the hearing impaired
English DTS HD Master Audio (Lossless) 5.1; Castilian Spanish DTS 5.1; English Descriptive Audio, Commentary Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Audio commentary by Doug Liman, Simon Kinberg and Lucas Foster
  • Jumping Around the World
  • Doug Liman's Jumper: Exposed
  • Making an Actor Jump
  • Jumping from Novel to Film: The Past, Present & Future of Jumper
  • Animated Graphic Novel
  • Deleted Scenes
  • More like Jumper

    32 Member Reviews Write a review

    3 by howarddxx

    A little bit unbelievable, but good fantasy. Entertaining just the same. Familiar plot and theme. Probably a better TV series. I feel a sequel coming.

    3 by Muzzamie

    A great premise and some okay acting from a mostly new group of actors. Nice special effoects add to the movie rather than distract as you get with some sci fi. Unfortunately let down by some poor editing... Read more

    4 by Ngozi

    Fascinating subject about supernatural abilities. Tackled with a great balance of lightheartedness and intensity. Great entertainment.

    2.5 by Lithodora

    A slightly original concept but poor plot. Good action scenes. Good light entertainment. Bit of an abrupt ending.

    3 by Bernie31

    Entertaining , but very weak storyline. Probably better as a TV series. Have to add I hate movies with stoopid, irritating women in them - so if you can suffer thru her whinging questioning then you'll be OK :)

    3 by chickletducks

    Surprisingly entertaining. The special features on the DVD were good and shows you the difference between CGI movies (like this one) or set movies (like Bourne series). Open for a sequel and it was surprisingly good!

    3 by dawnjem

    Good movie, but too fast camera work - could not keep up with it. Left me still confused about how he came to be in the first place. Ending was confusion as well - to be continued?

    1 by Darth Vadertron

    Terbbile movie. Hardly any action, this was an action movie

    1 Star

    3 by samandjo

    Plenty of action which was quite entertaining. One or two parts could have done with more detail/explanation.Enjoyable.

    2 by Arini

    This movie had a so-so story line but lacked action. It appears that all of the action in this movie consisted within the movie trailer itself.