In the Valley of Elah

In the Valley of Elah

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Average of 754 ratings: 3.5 Stars

2007 M Contains Violence, Offensive Language & Content That May Disturb.

On his first weekend back after serving in Iraq, Mike Deerfield goes missing and is reported AWOL. When Hank Deerfield, a former military MP and his wife Joan get the phone call with the disturbing news, Hank sets out to search for their son. Emily Sanders, a police detective in the jurisdiction where Mike was last seen, reluctantly helps him in his search. As the evidence grows, her missing person's case begins to look more and more like foul play, and soon Sanders finds herself in a fight with the military brass as she and Hank struggle to keep control of the investigation. But when the truth about Mike's time in Iraq finally begins to emerge, Hank's entire world is challenged and he's forced to reevaluate long-held beliefs to solve the mystery behind his son's disappearance.

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122 minutes
Sony Pictures

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1.78:1 Widescreen 16x9 Enhanced
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4 by Hods

Disturbing film showing realistically how such a war as the Iraq war can change the personalities and resultant actions of the soldiers involved. It also shows how the father who was involved in a... Read more

5 by Tricianz

The thinking persons movie... this has a whole lot of levels commenting on USA war policy, parallels with the bible (no I am not a bible basher) and the collapse of humanity.

4 by TikipungaKid

Tommy Lee Jones is the man. A good thriller which paints a very poor picture on the effects of the war in Iraq and how little the American military looks after the combatants on returning to state-side.

4 by Janet Planet

Excellent comment on the psycological effects of modern warefare, american style. Frightening and horrible. excellent portrayal of distraught father.

4 by lissy5

Great Movie, well acted & directored. Based on true events, has alot of twists & turn, loved it, must see movie.

3.5 by Lynal

Was a compelling movie, was a true story that portrayed the realities of war, but also the realities of returning home after seeing such horror. Tom Lee played a great part as the distraught father trying to uncover the truth

4 by Aihekotiro

as always great acting by tommy lee jones; good thriller and suspense movie that can be watched over and over ... recommended viewing

3 by Pelican Pete

A good film well acted and moved along at a good clip. The disturbing effects the Iraq war has on families for all countries involved - and not just the family portrayed in this movie- must be a traumatic... Read more

4 by qofd

Great movie with a great cast and an interesting story to tell. Highly recommend to anyone.

3 by FilmEnthusiast

Sombre tale father piecing together his sons murder. Tommy Lee plays the Father extremely well- lending considerable gravitas to the role. Thoroughly enjoyed Therons role as Detective. Enjoyable.