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Imagine Me & You

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Average of 682 ratings: 3.1 Stars

2005 M Contains offensive language and sexual references.

There Goes The Bride.

Heck and Rachel are a young couple about to embark on life together when an unexpected meeting turns Rachel's world upside down. What follows is the romantic, funny and sometimes poignant journey familiar to anyone who has ever fallen in love at first sight. And what if you discover that the one person you are destined to spend the rest of your life with might not be your boyfriend, but a perfect stranger?

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94 minutes

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1.85:1 Widescreen
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3 by Thomas

This movie had romantic appeal, and was not offensive in any way. One could relate to the dilemma of the two girls, and feel sorry for their mixed feelings when it came to making a decision which would... Read more

5 by EarthwatcherNZ

If you want a feel-good, fun and interesting movie, this is it. Has a buzz and energy about it that keeps you there, wanting certain characters to get together. Would watch again.

5 by poppylocks

this is one of my favorite girlie movies of all time. the florist is really hot

2 by char36

This is a movie about two Lesbians falling in love. Being a straight female I have never managed to watch a full movie about Lesbians before, but watched this whole movie and quite enjoyed it. Nice... Read more

2 by robbierarere

This movie is about a couple who had just gotten married and the wife finds herself attracted to another female. Predictable ending and found it a little boring.

3 by Hani4

Compare it to Brokeback Mountain, this movie is light and good which I enjoyed it. Anyway, this film is completely predictable basically. Very pleasant movie and funny but not too comedic, so basically... Read more

1 by kannyyoung

okay, wife fell asleep on this one, not sure because she was tired or it was boring. I was watching it in the beginning, as the woman was getting ready for somethin, and when the doorbell rang (in the... Read more

5 by Eden

This film just made its way to being in my top 5 of romantic comedies, even though its not what some would call a traditional romance, it manages the subject matter extremely well, the funny parts are... Read more

4 by Grahame

Likeable and amusing scenes that keep the interest throughout the story. Worth watching when better movies have been watched.

3 by sauj

A bit cliched in some parts, but not too bad. Some very good performances by the cast, and some excellent casting (Anthony Stewart Head as the Father). I liked that the story was real and didn't make... Read more