I, Robot

I, Robot

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2004 M Contains low level violence.

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In 2035 A.D., robots are programmed to live in perfect harmony with humans and have become part of every day life on earth. When a brilliant scientist at the U.S. Robotics Corporation is found dead, Chicago Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) is called in to investigate. Aided by robot psychologist Dr. Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan), Detective Spooner uncovers the possibility that a robot may be the primary suspect in the case. But as Spooner gets closer to the truth, he gets caught up in a race for his life, when robot intelligence attempts to shut down his investigation. With time running out, a deeper threat emerges from the core of a mechanised world that challenges the very existence of mankind.

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110 minutes
20th Century Fox

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Screen Format
2.35:1 Widescreen 16x9
English for the Hearing Impaired, English Audio Commentary, English Audio Commentary, English Audio Commentary
English Dolby Digital 5.1, English dts 5.1, English Audio Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0, English Audio Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0, English Audio Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0

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99 Member Reviews Write a review

5 by mrwombat

will smith isn't my favourite actor and at times he seemed out of place but the twist of the "villian's" identity when revealed had me as that possibility hadn't occured to me, i would watch this again if only for the special effects

4 by Mrs

Excellent fast paced movie. Will Smith at his best, loads of action and great lines.

4 by pistol

I really enjoyed seeing Will Smith in a serious Sci-Fi movie, loads of action fast moving great to watch. Will showed a great athletic body what a dream.

The robots were something else he would... Read more

5 by Chris1

Nothing like the original 1950's short stories that share the title, which after reading the originals I have decided is a good thing - I find Asimov's stuff pretty dry and unexciting, which can't be said for this movie!

5 by Dylan9

I Robot is a very smart Sci Fi film and walks in the footsteps of Minority Report for sheer style, acting, effects and most importantly a great story. Continuing with the themes explored in previous... Read more

2 by hegartyl

found this disappointing. Will Smith was OK but think he is pretty overrated. Didn't think the CGI was that flash either.

3 by jada2

Thought it was well made, good acting and worth the watch for most ages i reckon. A++++++

2 by simonyoung

Starsky and Hutch meets Bicentennial Man. I liked Asimov's novel (I think, it's been a while) but the movie left something missing. Will Smith's character is an absolute cliche - star cop with a paranoid... Read more

2 by Tubbs

If you haven't read the book you may enjoy the film more. The short stories (1940's) were intelligent & influential & as a compilation would be hard to convey on film.The casting of Smith is a giveaway... Read more

2 by Rozieflower

This movie was ok but not great, if you like Will Smith should definalty watch.