I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris

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Average of 249 ratings: 3.1 Stars

2009 M Contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes.

The conman who wouldn't go straight. A story so incredible, it can only be true.

When upstanding Texas cop Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) realizes he's gay, he changes his entire life and pulls a series of bold con jobs that lands him jail -- where he meets his one true love, cellmate Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). When Morris is transferred to another prison, lovesick Russell mounts a series of jailbreaks just to be with his beloved soul mate.

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93 minutes

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4 by Undy

Wow - this was an unexpected great movie. Not your usual Jim Carrey movie, or Ewan McGregor for that matter. Certain scenes (don't want to spoil the twists) really had me shocked and laughing at the... Read more

4.5 by Link Isgod

AWESOME! I loved it. not what you would expect from Jim Carrey or Ewan McGregor. hard not to say anything to spoil. Great that its based on a true story too ha ha ha! That guy is awesome! not for the homophobes!

5 by Tamzen

Hilarious and so unexpected. Jim Carrey's best role. & what a fabulous true story go Steven, what a legend!

4 by fantail

Excellent movie. We laughed a lot. Jim Carrey seems to get better with age. Loved that it was based on a true story. Recommended

3.5 by rhub

this was actually a gem! thought it might be over the top Jim Carrey but I actually enjoyed this film and totally can't believe its a true story! Ewan Mc Gregor is really good in this too! worth the watch

5 by jenfromnz

Very funny and sweet; amazing that this is a true story! Great acting by Carrey and McGregor.....two scenes early on with Carrey, will make you sit up straight with the unexpectedness of it! Highly recommend this movie to watch!

3.5 by Bubble3004

A interesting movie, lots of funny parts. Great acting. However a little slow in the middle but worth a watch.

4 by Mr Big(ish)

This movie was a riot! Jim Carrey was as frantic as ever, but had a deeper emotional edge to his character. Ewan McGregor balanced off the duo nicely. Interesting part was that this is based on real... Read more

2.5 by Ninifer

Not bad, but I got the feeling this movie didn't have much to offer outside of two big name actors playing gay roles. It was funny in parts though.

1 by Jac77

Absolute rubbish!! worst movie I have seen in a long time