Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

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Average of 290 ratings: 3.7 Stars

2005 M Contains sexual violence.

"Every day, young girls are bought and sold" is the first sentence that appears on a black screen in Human Traffcking's trailer. This is true, so true and this is what the lifetime network movie is all about: trying to tell people the truth about modern slavery. It shows us how women are treated like objects, sexual objects and trade objects. It shows us how victims are near us and- which is even more frightening- how the actors of this whole organization can be you own neighbor, you doctor, you kid's teacher... We, as a society, are responsible for human trafficking...If you want your eyes to get open on a world's reality, Human Trafficking is a good way to learn. Watch and learn takes all it sense...

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240 minutes

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5 by Eden

Unbelievably good, at just under 3 hours this is not a short film, but I didn't find myself bored once, the storyline is not a nice subject and one most people don't like to think about, but don't let... Read more

4 by revelation

Excellent movie but a real tear jerker. Not for the faint hearted. A true story, which makes it more scarier and sick! Opens your eyes up and makes you aware of what is still going on today. Great Actors... Read more

5 by Biggles50

Excellent movie with great acting. Quite terrible the way the women/girls are treated. The sex industry is always sleazy but certainly shows in this movie how evil the men are who make money from this business

4 by Flo

If you are interested in finding out about the growing worldwide market in human trafficking then this is the movie for you. The subject matter is all the more horrific because it is true.

3 by maria42

This movie takes a nasty subject, and Americanizes it to the max. This sort of thing; most of the goodies get away, and the baddies get dealt to. I also found the treatment of the subject not at all... Read more

4 by Riverspastor

Very dramatic film of a harrowing subject. I couldn't watch it in one sitting, as it was very realistic and therefore disturbing. It certain did open my eyes to the reality of human trafficking, and... Read more

5 by rochellep

One of the best movies Ive watched in a long time, definitely makes you think

5 by bante

very good movie to watch with your 16 yr old daughters to let them realise how sick the world is, and how easily your life could be ruined by one bad decision. It was a long movie, but well worth watching... Read more

3.5 by OrangePeko

Nicely done feel-good drama (the Americans like it this way) about the difficult subject of sex trafficking. You want it, there's a provider out there. It reminded me of 'The Whistleblower' (though... Read more

4 by Colin Thoms

Pleased to have seen this movie to see just how evil some who live in this world really are. One cannot help but in some way feel the pain and anguish these girls go through, and look forward to the... Read more