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Average of 358 ratings: 3.8 Stars

1998 M Contains violence and offensive language.

Hornblower is based on the International best-selling novels by C.S. Forester. Enjoy this multi Emmy-winning hit television series as seen on ABC Television featuring a lavish production.

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840 minutes

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1.33:1 Full Frame 16x9 Enhanced
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  • Hornblower Vol 1: The Even Chance (1998) (Disc 1)

    A storm is raging in the English Channel, and a small shoreboat is being lashed by squally rain.

    Huddled at the stern is a pale-faced 17-year-old midshipman about to begin his career in the Royal Navy. Soaked to the skin, Horatio Hornblower steps aboard his first ship, and becomes violently seasick.

    But despite this uncompromising start, he is destined to become one of the most gallant and formidable figures in naval history. Plunged onto battle, action and adventure, Hornblower proves himself courageous, resourceful and decisive against the perils of the high seas.

  • Hornblower Vol 2: The Examination For Lieutenant (1998) (Disc 2)

    The Indefatigable puts into Gibraltar where three survivors from a wrecked brig are rescued, one of whom is the legendary Captain Dawson who Hornblower comes to admire.

    Supplies are much reduced so Hornblower leads a mission to Algiers to replenish them. The crew finds itself quarantined when exposed to plague but Hornblower utilises the time to study for his pending Leiutenant's Examination.

    Back in Gibraltar, Hornblower sits the exam but fails to impress his Commanding Officers until an alarm is raised when a Spanish attack looms...

  • Hornblower Vol 3: The Duchess and the Devil (1998) (Disc 3)

    Acting Lieutenant Hornblower, assisted by only five men, captures the French sloop Le Reve off the Spanish coast - a major feat that does much to enhance his reputation.

    Hornblower is commissioned Lieutenant due to his 'exemplary gallantry'.

  • Hornblower Vol 4: The Frogs & The Lobsters (1998) (Disc 4)

    Hornblower's ship, the Indefatigable, together with three other ships carrying French emigre troops (the Frogs) and British Infantrymen (Lobsters), is sent to aid an attempted coup against the Republican Government by French Royalist counter-revolutionaries.

  • Hornblower Vol 5: Mutiny (1998) (Disc 5)

    On board the 74 gun frigate 'Renown', destination unknown and with a deeply paranoid and deluded Captain, discipline quickly starts to deteriorate and Hornblower realises that action of some kind must be taken, whatever the consequences...

  • Hornblower Vol 6: Retribution (1998) (Disc 6)

    Samana Bay is an island ruled by Spanish privateers. The 'Renown' is sent to route the Spanish and regain control of the island. After an unsuccessful attempt at a front assault. Hornblower hatches a plan to attack from the rear. Acting Captain Buckland after much deliberation, agrees to attack, which is carried out successfully. Upon return to England, Buckland claims all credit for the operation. Will Hornblower ever be recognised for his efforts...?

  • Hornblower Vol 7: Loyalty (1998) (Disc 7)

    1803 Portsmouth. Hornblower is reduced to the rank of Lieutenant as a result of the peace treaty with France. He is forced to earn his living at the card tables and lodges with Mrs Mason. A chance encounter with Lieutenant Bush re-ignites their friendship and indeed, it is Bush who first notices Hornblower has an admirer, Mrs Mason's daughter, Maria.

    Admiral Pellew summons Hornblower and confirms his promotion to commander. He is to captain the sloop Hotspur on a reconnaissance mission off the coast of France.

    Hornblower discovers preparations for an invasion force of 50,000 men and Pellew decides to mount a pre-emptive strike on the French fleet, now that war has once more been declared.

    Back in England, Hornblower surprises himself by asking Maria to be his wife.

  • Hornblower Vol 8: Duty (1998) (Disc 8)

    Hornblower is filled with trepidation on his wedding day, but he has given his word - how could he dishonour his bride Maria and live with himself?

    Admiral Pellew gives Hornblower little time to ponder his new state of matrimony as he sends him off immediately to search for the missing sloop Grasshopper, captained by their old friend, Bracegirdle.

    Hornblower does indeed locate the wreck of the Grasshopper and its sole survivor, a crushed and defeated Captain Bracegirdle. Hornblower is forced to sail into dangerous waters, as the fog descends and the snow falls, to attack the French vessels poised once more for an invasion.

    Waiting patiently in England, Maria has her own momentous news for Hornblower...


5 Member Reviews Write a review

5 by xman_mha

Excellent series of Britsh naval history \\ drama. Well cast, written and acted.

Well worth the time to watch. Interesting characters - good guys and bad.

Loan Gruffudd well worth watching... Read more

2 by mapland

This is a well acted series if you like watching British naval history battles etc. If you were hoping for a more romantic Jane Austen style period drama as I was, you might be disappointed, as there was no romance in the first episode.

4 by Ice_Maiden

Another excellent Hornblower tale. The authenticity of the sets and the costumes are remarkable. Althought artistic licence was used throughout both the books and the series it still came across as very plusabal

4 by Poppa-Joe

Just as I enjoyed C S Forester's written stories I have enjoyed Robert Lindsay's portrayal of Hornblower in Mutiny.

The scenes are realistic and the acting is believable and carries the viewer with them to the concluding scenes.

3 by Cecille

Thought this episode wasn't up to the earlier ones! Got the impression it was a bit of a 'pot-boiler' setting things up for the later episodes. Hope they are back to the earlier level of adventure, etc..