Happy Feet

Happy Feet

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Our best guess for you: 3.5 stars

Average of 3463 ratings: 3.5 Stars

2006 M Some scenes may scare very young children.

WARNING: May Cause Toe-Tapping.

In the cold land of Antarctica, the Emperor Penguins each express their true love with a special heartsong of their own that expresses their very being. However, the misfit Mumble cannot sing, but instead has an extraordinary talent to tap dance with almost magical energy and expression. Nevertheless, the deeply conformist leadership of the colony fearfully blames the young penguin's unorthodox ways for the lean fishing that threatens them all. Defiant in the face of unjust rejection, Mumble and his true friends set out to find the true cause of the famine. Through the motley crew's trials and perils, Mumble learns many things about his frozen world, not the least of which being that his toe tapping talent may be what he needs to save his people.

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108 minutes

DVD details

Screen Format
1.85:1 Widescreen
English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby Digital 2.0

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Screen Format
Widescreen 2.35:1
English, French and Spanish, English for the hearing impaired
English Dolby True HD 5.1, Dolby Digital Plus 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround EX
  • Two New Fully-Animated Sequences: Mumble Meets a Blue Whale and A Happy Feet Moment
  • Dance Like a Penguin: Stomp the Beat
  • Two Awesome Music Videos
  • Classic Cartoon: I Love to Singa
  • Theatrical trailer
  • 47 Member Reviews Write a review

    2 by Monika3

    Cute animation, but really slow movie. Nice for the kids, nothing special though.

    4 by Pochoto

    Wonderful film for the whole family. The characters have very charming expressions

    3 by Meganw

    Kids enjoyed it which is the point. Story fine, message about global warming familiar and kids could identify with it.Well voiced by all the actors.

    5 by FranceC

    The music, singing and dancing are incredible. Has love, adventures, some pretty sad bits and great animation.

    4 by ashclan

    My children enjoyed this movie about a penguin who becomes an outsider after he can only dance (well) and not sing like all the other penguins in his colony.

    Some strong messages about accepting... Read more

    4 by ChrisVDH

    Lovely, fun story for the whole family - well worth a watch!

    5 by Darth Vadertron

    Beautiful film. The love story was wonderful, Robin Williams rediscovered his form, the music was fantastic, the animation was amazing. Nothing about this film was bad. Truly amazing

    5 Stars

    3 by trishk

    Great family movie. The animation was wonderful and great catchy music.

    3 by V8ROAR

    Okay, I didn't find it that enjoyable in the sense it was quite a sad movie in parts (this is being written by the female of this logon by the way!). I thought there would be a lot more singing and... Read more

    4 by Ian_LeAnne

    Gorgeous movie - great fun, lighthearted with a catchy soundtrack - perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon.