Grown Ups

Grown Ups

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Our best guess for you: 3.3 stars

Average of 625 ratings: 3.2 Stars

2010 M Contains offensive language.

Comedy superstars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, David Spade and Kevin James team up for a story of five childhood pals who reunite after 30 years to mourn the loss of their old basketball coach. Gathering at a July 4th celebration where their families meet for the first time, the friends find themselves acting a bit inappropriate for their age.

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98 minutes

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1.85:1 widescreen 16:9 enhanced
English for the hearing impaired
English Dolby Digital English 5.1; English descriptive audio

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1080p High Definition Widescreen 16x9 1.85:1
English for the hearing impaired, French, Portuguese, Spanish
English, French, Portuguese DTS-HD MA 5.1; Spanish 5.1; English descriptive audio 5.1

17 Member Reviews Write a review

2 by hightide

The movie is full of smutty comments, sexual innuendo and toilet gags. I didn't find it appropriate for my primary school age children. As an adult I found the story line and humor lame. I guess teenagers may enjoy it more than I did.

2 by Haggis & Lisa

ok movie. got a couple of chuckles but not full laughter. agree with other comments that it was crass and poor execution. Was a shame because they had a good concept and all the talent to make a... Read more

4 by AJ's

I agree with the below comment: this movie is not for kids. The humour was a bit crass, and it did have David Spade in it! But once I got past that I found myself laughing out loud and I really enjoyed... Read more

3 by frioma1

The concept of the movie is to be applauded, but the execution is terrible.

But bits of it was funny to me and my kids

2 by howarddxx

Tedious with no plot. Looks like they got five good comedians together to do some cheap ad-libing. Sad to say, it just doesn't work.

1.5 by chickletducks

Gosh this is poor comedy. It's just lazy - high school toilet and sex gags. But if you don't want to think, then watch it.

2 by john disaster

Typical Adam Sandler movie. Low brow light weight entertainment. Sometimes that's all you want. I got a few chuckles. My kids wandered off, bored after a short while.

4 by Evman

Watched this with my teenager and we both loved it. The typical Adam Sandler jokes.

3 by Molly-Rose

This movie was ok, glad i watched but wouldn't watch again. Not very laugh out loud funny like i thought it would be

5 by Gottaluvem

Loved it so did my children showed them what childhood really is getting outside and doing stuff the way it was for us not now where every parent wraps them in bubble wrap recommend to all that remember doing stupid stuff and having fun :)