Four Lions

Four Lions

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Average of 806 ratings: 3.1 Stars

2010 M Contains offensive language and sexual references.

Comedy writer Christopher Morris makes his feature directorial debut with this outrageous comedy about a group of young Islamic Brits who fancy themselves bloodthirsty jihadis of the first order. Co-written with Simon Blackwell, the film showcases Morris's satirical talents at their vicious best in a scathingly hilarious indictment of true believers and the social systems that create them.

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97 minutes

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1.78:1 Widescreen 16x9 Enhanced
English Dolby Digital 5.1

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1080p High Definition Widescreen 16x9 1.78:1
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2 by bill_up_north

This movie had promise, but just never delivered. Poorly written and just not very funny. It was one of those movies where you are waiting for it to improve, but the end credits come before it does.

0.5 by Beanz

I have to say this movie is an insult to all those who have died at the hand of suicide bombers. Not funny, not funny at all, incredible bad taste actually.

5 by Chunkylover53

Went to see this in the cinema... no one got up and left until the last credit rolled. The crowd was almost in shock. I still can't work out what genre it fits into... you would have to say very... Read more

4 by Juicy fruit

A very brave movie, great to see this subject tackled with some sense of realism and bungling humour..found it a bit clunky in places..think the directing could have been a whole lot better. Overall... Read more

4.5 by Jo & Hitendra

The best darama-comedy about English-born jihadist suicide bombers of 2010. Hilarious, but also weirdly believable (to a point).

3 by Binky

A little unusual. Absolutely hilarious in places, rather sad and tragic in others. More dramedy than comedy. Absolutely stand out acting - from what I assume is a no name cast even within the UK... Read more

0.5 by EarthwatcherNZ

This was not funny and was just bad. We had to stop watching after about half an hour.

5 by RRRRR

Just as funny as the trailer makes it out to be: a great laugh combining british humour with crafty dialogue and great black comedy. Bit serious right at the end but i suppose the producers couldn't... Read more

4 by Bross

Surprised there hasn't been a fatwa put on Chris Morris, maybe hard-line Islamism has a dark sense of humour because this is this blackest of black comedy. Amazing stuff. If you love it hunt down early... Read more

0.5 by FLemmon

This movie was turned off after 20 minutes of complete disbelief. About as stupid as a Pink Panther movie. Of the 20 minutes we saw it was chunky in direction and inane in its black humour. I understand... Read more