Fight Night - Vol. 6: Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton

Fight Night - Vol. 6: Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton

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Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton - First Fight:

San Diego, California 31st March 1973

Muhammad Ali's courageous stand against Ken Norton in their first encounter after suffering a broken jaw in the early rounds of the fight. The bout could be said to be unpredictable to the last round.

Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton - Second Fight:

Los Angeles, California 10th September 1973

The reign over Muhammad Ali by Ken Norton had to be proved in this super bout treat. although Muhammad Ali was regarded as supreme in this division the contest between these two fighters would go down in history as one of the super bouts.

Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton - Third Fight:

The Bronx, New York 28th September 1976

Over a period of three years these two great warriors fought for a third time to decide who was the champion. They became each others greatest adversary and despite the outcome of the trilogy the debate continues today as to who really was the greatest. Judge for yourself.

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4 by Hylton

Obviously this is for fight fans only. So, if you are a fight fan and have always wondered just how good Ken Norton was then watch these three fights of his with Ali to find out. By the way, the fights... Read more

5 by tucker

This has to be some of the best big bash boxing bouts in history and put all of todays modern pugilists to shame. Rent this and you will struggle to see a better display of boxing in your life.

3 by coldturkey

Another one for fight fans. This DVD shows the fights between Ali and Foreman and Ali and Frazier's third fight. Full coverage of both fights.

5 by sham1

Two great fights together - The Thriller in Manila and what in my mind is the greatest fight of all time, the rumble in the jungle. This fight against Foreman shows why Ali was the greatest boxer of... Read more