Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky

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Average of 232 ratings: 3.7 Stars

2015 M Contains violence & offensive language.

Starring Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman and Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, this contemporary British thriller from director Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Ender's Game) delves into the shadowy world of remotely-piloted drone warfare. The story centres on a military intelligence officer, Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren), whose job involves tracking down the world's most wanted terror suspects. Over a tense 24-hour period, we follow Powell as she remotely commands a top-secret mission to capture high-ranking suspects in a safe house in Kenya. When Powell learns that their suspects are about to embark on a suicide mission that may result in tens to hundreds of deaths, the mission escalates from "capture" to "kill". Powell passes the order to fire a missile at the safe house from an aerial surveillance drone, remotely piloted by young American Lieutenant Steve Watts (Aaron Paul). But when a nine-year-old girl enters the "kill zone", Lieutenant Watts has a crisis of conscience and insists the situation be re-evaluated before he carry out the order.

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102 minutes

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14 Member Reviews Write a review

3.5 by Ganny01

A very effective and intense political thriller.Solid performances especially from Mirren and Paul.

5 by Jodi*

My husband loves military movies, but even this one pulled me in. Showed the different considerations and moral dilemmas of these types of military decisions, and who is involved. Great acting by all... Read more

2 by Tubbs

Didn't seem to have much originality to the screenplay - its familiar ground. I don't know why you need the talents of Mirren and Rickman (and others) for this kind of stuff.

4 by Lyn of Taupo

My husband watched this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not my kind of movie, but watched a bit here and there. The acting and actors looked amazing, the story a moral dilemma. An edge of the seat movie.

4.5 by BaileyB

A really good movie and so well acted. Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman are outstanding.

3.5 by lcmojo

The military are still a bunch of heartless a-holes that just kill with the bravery of being out of range. But, taking a step back this movie does pull in the thought process of lots of different sides... Read more

5 by Riverspastor

Because I am not one who likes a lot of military movies, I hired this somewhat reluctantly and put off watching it. Now that I have seen it, I may just need to go and buy my own copy. What an incredible... Read more

5 by Brindi

Beautifully executed movie with a great cast.It kept me on the edge of my seat. Not every movie has a happy ending but this movie shows the heartbreak of war for innocent citizens as well as the ones... Read more

4 by OrangePeko

Well made (and emotionally manipulative) film about how modern politics can interfere with basic military action. Both interesting and irritating to watch the politicians avoid making decisions because... Read more

4.5 by Devo'

Wasn't too sure on hiring this but ended up as the best film I've seen all year. recommended