Enemy At The Gates

Enemy At The Gates

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Average of 1722 ratings: 3.8 Stars

2001 M Depicts graphic and realistic war scenes.

Some Men Are Born To Be Heroes.

Hailed for its epic scale and masterful battle sequences, this is Europe's biggest and most expensive film production ever...ENEMY AT THE GATES features an extraordinary cast bringing to life one of the most heroic and horrific struggles of World War II - the Battle for Stalingrad. With over 1 million Russian lives lost in this battle, Director Jean-Jacques Annaud balances the epic with the intimate, the historical with the personal...Legendary Russian sniper, Vassili Zaitsev (Law), has become a national hero with the full backing of the head of communist propaganda (Fiennes) and endorsement of the local commander, the man destined to become Soviet Premier a decade later, Nikita Krushchev (Hoskins) himself. The inspiration he gives to the Russian army might just be enough to tip the balance of power and save Stalingrad from the invading German forces. So to break the Russian spirit, the Nazis send in their most decorated and cunning sharp-shooter, Major Konig (Ed Harris). As the city crumbles around them, Vassili and Major Konig begin a cat and mouse game of daring, skill and patience. In this one-on-one struggle to the death, each man is waiting for the perfect shot...and only one of them will walk out of Stalingrad alive.

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4.5 by Nana & Grumpy

An excellent movie it is the second time we have watched this movie and we both enjoyed it. As the other reviews stated, it has something for everyone and excellent acting from the cast.

4 by coupe

More than just a war movie. Something for everyone, action, mystery, thriller and love. If you want blood and guts then probably not for you but if you want true to life type war action then a good watch.

4 by graygray

Very good movie, suspenseful-the acting and story are excellent, the difference in morale that a successful sniper can make to a group of soldiers is quite remarkable. Well worth a watch.

4 by Ralos

A very gritty and unusual WW2 movie, well acted and uncompromising in its depiction of the gruesome brutality of war.

3 by I don't believe it!

So many movies I take a punt on I turn off after 20 minutes but not this one. A gritty, meaty movie but not overwhelmingly bleak. Good acting. Worth a watch, even if you are not into historical films.

4.5 by movieholic

Have watched this movie twice now, and it continues to deliver. Also interesting to have it loosely based on truth.

5 by Mothy

This movie has EVERTHING I could easily watch a second time.

4 by Lynal

A good movie based on a true story, something for everyone, war, love, mystery, thriller, very enjoyable, some good acting from a inspired cast

3.5 by tjay83

I'm into my war movies but more so when there is a good storyline. This is a moving and compelling film which illustrates the frustration and tragedy of war and highlights comradeship of men fighting...

3.5 by Benamin

This movie birthed in me the desire to play war video games. Just the best sniper movie ever. So good.