Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

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2007 M Contains Violence.

Nearly a decade after Cate Blanchett drew the attention of audiences and critics alike with ELIZABETH, the Oscar-winning actress returns to the role of the Virgin Queen. Though the protestant ruler has been on the throne for decades in 1585, Elizabeth I's reign is still under attack from both inside her country and from the continent. Her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots (Samantha Morton), carries the favor of the nation's Catholics as she schemes for the throne from prison, while Spain's King Philip II (Jordi Molla) plots an invasion with the power of his famous armada. But Elizabeth is also concerned with the arrival of Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen), a charming pirate and adventurer. Unable to reconcile her feelings with her crown, she encourages Bess (Abbie Cornish), her beloved lady-in-waiting, to pursue a relationship with Raleigh.

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114 minutes
Universal Pictures

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Screen Format
Widescreen 1.85:1
Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Polish, Romanian. English captions
English, Czech, Polish (voice over) 5.1 Surround
  • Making of
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Inside Elizabeth's World
  • Creating the Armada
  • Towers, Courts & Cathedrals Feature
  • Director Commentary
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    13 Member Reviews Write a review

    2 by addy

    It's a bit of a mess. Cate Blanchette marches around yelling at everybody like Bette Davis, and it's somehow totally unconvincing. And then there's Geoffrey Rush to contend with. Odd.

    2 by Tubbs

    She's not a Glenda Jackson but Cate does well and looks the part.The costumes and props are fine but there seems little point in dramatising again this well known part of history.

    1 by chickletducks

    Slow. Not the best period history drama by any stretch.

    2 by Slow Eddy

    Super costuming, learned something new, Drake had nothing to do the with Spanish Armada!! Over all disappointed.

    2.5 by Dud

    I was disappointed with this film, although it is difficult to put my finger on just why. Somehow it just didn't move me, although the lead actors tried their best.

    4 by Oskar

    Great drama! Fantastic follow on from the first Elizabeth. Lovely character development, and I liked the interaction between the players. I think the thing I was disappointed in were the lack of... Read more

    4 by Ask Annette

    Great acting, very authentic as one would expect. Loved the music throughout. Epic scenes especially when the spanish fleet came thrusting into the harbour. Some truly horrific accounts of torture... Read more

    3 by kleenex

    cannot re view this movie as we recieved this movie as christmas gift in dvd

    and as my computer was down during a shift to the new address i could not

    contactyou by phone.but i believe it's a very good movie to watch.

    2 by Arini

    This movie lacked action and substance. Although the story was somewhat believeable, I almost fell asleep watching it.

    4 by Jo & Hitendra

    Obviously a beautifully made movie, and Blancett is brilliant as always. However, parts felt very cliched. Also, considering there were two quite complex stories to be told (the political one and the... Read more