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2010 M Contains sexual references.

High school is the setting for this freewheeling comedic twist on Nathaniel Hawthorne's 19th-century novel The Scarlet Letter. Ambitious student Olive (Emma Stone) decides to boost her popularity by pretending to be the school slut. As the school's swirling rumor mill increases both her notoriety and her finances, Olive enjoys her newfound status but eventually must decide which is more important: popularity or self-esteem.

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89 minutes
Screen Gems
2011 MTV Movie Awards
Best Comedic Performance: Emma Stone

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Screen Format
1.85:1 Widescreen 16x9 Enhanced
English, English for the hearing impaired, Hindi, Spanish
English Dolby Digital 5.1; English Descriptive Audio 5.1

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Screen Format
1080p High Definition Widescreen 16x9 1.85:1
English, English for the hearing impaired, Hindi, Spanish
English, Spanish DTS-HD MA 5.1; Catalan 5.1; English Descriptive Audio 5.1

21 Member Reviews Write a review

3.5 by FatSprat

Teen movie about Olive who perpetuates a lie that she is the school slapper. Extremely funny script, fast and clever wit. Patricia Clarkson as the mum is just fabulous! Worth a watch if you want a few laughs.

3 by Chunkylover53

Its a teen movie that still is an enjoyable watch if its been 20 years since you were last deemed to be a teen. An easy watch; with a few solid laughs.

4 by chickletducks

This is a good movie with an entertaining storyline. An easy watch and humorous. Emma Stone is great!

4.5 by alty77

love it..Easy A was an easy watch. A great modern day take on the classic book Scarlet letter.

3.5 by DrDan

Not usually the kind of genre I watch, but I found this intelligent and entertaining. Funny, and an easy watch.

4 by jbird11

Basic story line, but great writing, clever jokes, VERY FUNNY! A good lazy sunday watch.

2.5 by chimo

I was disappointed in this movie largely because it was likened to Hawthornes book "Scarlet letter" and I dare say it bears no resemblance other than the Red letter Olive wore afew times. Plot wasn't... Read more

3.5 by Watchem

Clever scripting with fully-realized acting for the most part.

4 by glow worm

Great movie, clever wit throughout the movie and well played by all main actors. I was surprised that not only did i like it, but i found it to be extremely funny in parts. A must watch.

5 by Weetie

Brilliant movie, highly recommended! Hysterical script, superior wit, a must watch.