Diagnosis Murder - Season 7

Diagnosis Murder - Season 7

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Average of 2 ratings: 1.8 Stars

1999 M Contains drug use & violence.

The Sloan sleuths along with the dynamic doctor duo of Amanda and Jesse return for a seventh season of Diagnosis Murder. In these 24 episodes, LAPD consultant, Dr. Mark Sloan, played by multiple Emmy-winner Dick Van Dyke, finds himself in several precarious situations with his life in danger. Marks matches wits with a look-alike gangster, a beautiful international jewel thief, a vengeful home-security programmer and much more! With tales of love, lust, mystery and adventure, this season promises to keep audiences glued to their seats.

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1090 minutes

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1.33:1 Full Frame
English Dolby Digital
  • Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 (1999) (Disc 1)
    Episodes 1 - 6

    The Roast
    Sleeping Murder
    Bringing Up Barbie
    Murder at Midterm
    The Flame
    The Killer Within

  • Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 (1999) (Disc 2)
    Episodes 7 - 12

    Gangland (1)
    Gangland (2)
    The Mouth That Roared
    The Seven Deadly Sins
    Santa Claude
    Man Overboard

  • Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 (1999) (Disc 3)
    Episodes 13 - 18

    Frontier Dad
    Too Many Cooks
    Jake's Women
    Murder by Remote
    Teacher's Pet
    The Unluckiest Bachelor in L.A.

  • Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 (1999) (Disc 4)
    Episodes 19 - 24

    A Resting Place
    Murder at BBQ Bob's
    Two Birds With One Sloan
    Swan Song
    Out of the Past (1)
    Getting Mad, Getting Even (2)


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