Crossing Over

Crossing Over

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Average of 354 ratings: 3.2 Stars

2009 M Contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes.

Max Brogan is an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent (ICE) with a dangerous flaw - he has a heart and sympathy for the very people he must track down and deport. His partner, Iranian-American Hamid awaits his father's naturalisation ceremony and appears dedicated to his job only to prove to his family how important it is to be American. As the duo runs routine busts on illegal immigrants, several other stories are revealed: a defence lawyer negotiates for a new family for an orphaned child and must also orchestrate the deportation method of a family whose 15-year old daughter is accused of having ties to terrorism; a young Jewish man tries to use his unpractised religion to secure a job; and Cole Frankel uses his position as a green card approval supervisor to force a beautiful Australian model into some compromising positions.

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108 minutes

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3.5 by AntonyGG

This movie has a good story line, albeit a bit self righteous and with quite a sad ending; which is unusual for these types of US movies. The cast is good and there are some interesting side issues... Read more

4 by marjidors

I wasn't sure about this one before seeing it, but I'm very glad I did.

Several stories come together in the end making it one of the best I've seen for a while with high emotion and sadness in places but I really recommend it.

3.5 by sudoku

I really enjoy this movie with the different story line reccommened

3.5 by luvdvds

Great story, great acting, overall great movie. Interesting storyline.

Harrison Ford is, of course, a great actor.

2 by mennice

this movie was a bite slow it did not have the energy which to make me buy it

4 by The Prof

Not a feel-good movie, but all the better for that. It looks at a serious topic - how the US (the supposed gem of democracy and freedom) treats illegal immigrants. It can't avoid some of the usual... Read more

2.5 by Hodel

This movie is a bit all over the show, not one to watch if you are feeling a bit sleepy, not boring but need to pay attention!!

4 by Ngozi

Interesting story about the anomalies and machinations of the notoriously difficult American immigration system. Sad tales of different families. Well told and totally believable.

4 by unicorn59

Well produced movie with a lot of interesting side stories, bringing together a larger story with some very topical issues on migrants, acceptance and growing up. Good one, well worth watching

4 by JohnyKiwi

Very watchable - Harrison Ford redeems himself, Cliff Curtis is nailing those generic ethnic roles, and the storyline is real