Coach Carter

Coach Carter

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Average of 2231 ratings: 3.7 Stars

2005 M Contains low level violence.

It begins on the street. It ends here.

Samuel L. Jackson plays the titular, controversial coach, a hardliner who firmly believes that scholarship and a sense of ethics go hand in hand with excellence on the basketball court. A man of his convictions, Coach Carter benches his undefeated team of high schoolers when they turn in poor academic grades (much to the chagrin of the players' parents and many of his fellow teachers).

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135 minutes

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4 by James

A good movie that has many similarities with Lean On Me, shows Samuel L. Jackson as a new coach in a rough school, who has a duty to his old high school and the kids now in it to show them that winning... Read more

5 by noke88

great movie, a coach that change the life you young street it very much

5 by Darth Vadertron

Awesome movie. Very good acting and a great story

5 Stars

5 by harl

Excellent film. Good values demonstrated and cocsistency of message.

2 by Tubbs

It is another basketball film with a pontificating coach but not all basketball films have Samuel L Jackson. However all his good work is undone by the film being at least a half hour too long.

3 by chickletducks

Good movie for a Sunday afternoon. Fairly predictable like all sport drama movies, but it's a nice story about the tie between sports, communities and academic success.

4 by MikeGee

Almost predictable, but a great heartfelt true story about how to change a life with a bit of heart, love and discipline!

4 by Chaanz

This is a great movie, very inspirational and good to watch with your teenage children. Really good movie would recommend it to anyone.

4 by Moya

Need some inspiration then watch this movie, one person can make a difference

4 by Betsy1

This was a wonderful movie with a great story to be told about athletes having to reach their academic goals as well as their sporting ones. Brilliantly acted by Samuel Jackson, some good comedy as... Read more