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1970 M Contains violence.

Chisum showcases John Wayne in the twilight of his remarkable 200+ film career. As John Chisum, a real-life cattle king determined to protect his empire against a land-grabbing developer (Forrest Tucker). Wayne's no-nonsense persona snugly fits this lively reworking of the events of new Mexico's 1878 Lincoln County War.

"Directed in fine sagebrush style by Andrew V. McLaglen and beautifully photo-graphed by William H. Clothier" (The Warner Bros. Story), Chisum is the kind of sweeping, brawling Western that made Wayne endure as a star.

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106 minutes
Warner Brothers

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2.35:1 Widescreen 16x9 Transfer
English & Italian For The Hearing Impaired, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Dutch
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2 by Tubbs

Unusual in that Wayne wasn't in every scene - usual bullying presence when he was. Standard plot for this kind of western.

4 by lois

good to see the old westerns shows you how a man used to be always have a bad/good/guy/and the heroin

5 by manny

A classic movie from the "DUKE", if you are a DUKE better watch this movie.

5 by wazza20

"Chisum" is a classic example of that old maxim-"they dont make em like this any more",what a great western-its set on a big stage and stars some of the greatest western character actors one could ever... Read more

3 by ngsmith

This is a classic John Wayne western: cheesy but a very relaxing watch. A perfect selection (if you like Westerns) for a lazy afternoon.