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Average of 1648 ratings: 3.7 Stars

2008 M Contains Violence & Content That May Disturb.

Based on a true story, and one that isn't largely known. Christine Collins, a single mother working in 1928 Los Angeles when her son goes missing. A boy is returned to her months later by the police, but she is shocked and disheartened when she realizes that the boy isn't her son. Joined by a crusading pastor, Christine battles for justice against the corrupt L.A.P.D. while she continues to search for her child. Eventually her fight against the cops lands her in a mental hospital, where she is surrounded by others with a similar plight. Jolie gives an authentic, anguished performance, and the on-screen tragedy is quite disturbing, largely because of its basis in reality.

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136 minutes
Universal Pictures

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5 by Lou

Brilliant movie of course shows history in the making too. Angelina does give a best performance. Really enjoyed this movie.

4 by vince

I was prepared to not like this movie because of a slight mistrust of Angelina, but came away enthralled. If not completely won over, at least entertained , shoicked and thrilled. Beautifully played and deftly arranged, well worth a look.

4 by laloniu

Great period piece based on a true story well directed by Clint Eastwood.

4 by Krons

I have to give credit to Clint Eastwood and his Directorship on this movie. Angelina holds a good serious character and portrays a solid role as a women victimized in a corrupt police society.

Not... Read more

4 by Nerosmum

I did not expect to enjoy this movie, and was pleasantly surprised. Jolie has had a few "dudes" lately - this is definately not one of them!!!!

3 by cloobersnipe

Angelina Jolie plays a woman with big lips who comes home from work one day to find her son missing - which is an oxymoron. The rest of the movie focuses on her trying to find the poor lad. She spends... Read more

3 by chemteach

Very well acted by Jolie, Malkovich and many supporting actors, but otherwise it's just an above-average tear-jerker. The whole film is designed to draw out strong emotions, especially outrage at injustice... Read more

3 by Marg

Angelina acted well, and although it was a well portrayed story, I didn't like the sepia effect to make the movie look old, almost like every scene had a tinted lens in front of the camera. Not my... Read more

3 by marjidors

An interesting story based on fact,very sad and frustrating for the mother when nobody would believe her.

Great acting. Well worth watching.

4 by Tracey2

What a great movie.Wonderfully acted,true to the era it portraied.Full of tragic suspence and tear jerking moments and to top it all off Clint Eastwood was the director/producer.Pure magic.