Blade Runner

Blade Runner

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1982 M Contains violence.

Man Has Made His Match... Now It's His Problem

Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) prowls the steel-and-microchip jungle of 21st-century Los Angeles. He's a "blade runner" stalking genetically made criminal replicants. His assignment: kill them. Their crime: wanting to be human. The story of Blade Runner is familiar to countless fans. But few have seen it like this. Because this is director Ridley Scott's own vision of his sci-fi classic. This new version omits Deckard's voiceover narration, develops in slightly greater detail the romance between Deckard and Rachael (Sean Young) and removes the "uplifting" finale. The result is a heightened emotional impact: a great film made greater. Most intriguing of all is a newly included unicorn vision that suggests Deckard may be a humanoid. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Is Deckard a replicant? As with all things in the future, you must discover the answer for yourself.

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112 minutes
Warner Bros

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2.35:1 Widescreen 16x9 Transfer
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5 by James

A fantastic film with great philosophical insight into what it means to live, questioning the very meaning of being.

Set in a nihilistic future Harrison Ford is retired Blade Runner, a cop who... Read more

5 by Boneanus

This is the directors cut, and there is also a later 'final cut'. Slightly different endings, but both without the original voice over of Deckard. This was widely panned as detracting from the overall... Read more

4 by FilmEnthusiast

Harrisons " Deckard " and Rutgers " Roy " are great lead roles in this Ridley Scott classic. 1992 thought provoking movie serves up some great action sequences and memorable dialogue ( "let me tell... Read more

5 by kmurray

It's cyberpunk the way it always should be - dark and gothicky, lots of rain, lots of neon, hustling plastic-coated crowds, grime... This film never gets old. Amazing soundtrack/score to accompany.... Read more

5 by allen8

true classic in all senses of the word-acting,cinematography,sfx,style and substance all in one package.No wonder this is studied in films schools all around the world. For the sci fi fan this is a... Read more

5 by DearAlena

Golden classic sci-fiction. Amazing apocalyptic vision of future. Nobody still could beat it, they just repeat after Ridley. Pity he did not make anything else better than this one.

5 by danny33

This film is still one of the all time favourites. It has a feel that seemed so ahead of its time and almost real. Rutger Hauer plays a stirring role. His rooftop scene is one of the movie greats. Also... Read more

1 by 3Play

Boring, simplistic and outdated. There must be a small number of people that like this sort of concept, but if you aren't one of them you'll fall into a state of catatonia rather quickly. Good acting, awful storyline.

5 by neo

Still one of the best scifi movies I have ever watched for story line acting and visuals, I rate this very highly and think every one should watch

4 by Inara1

This film is a classic of the genre, but I have given it only 4 stars because I prefer the original thatrical release with Harrison Ford's narration. Better still would be Ford's narration AND the... Read more