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Average of 697 ratings: 3.5 Stars

1990 M Contains coarse language.

On April 29, 1990 one of the greatest events of New Zealand entertainment took place in Auckland. It was Billy's first show after being given a new heart! No one was even sure he would last the distance. For those lucky enough to be there, Billy gave the performance of his career. Now for the first time on DVD, you too can share an evening of magical experiences by New Zealand's greatest entertainer, something that will be treasured forever.

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90 minutes
Columbia Tristar

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1.33:1 Full Frame
English Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0

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5 by johnny40

I had the pleasure of seeing Billy T perform live and loved his talent Then, so to have the undoubted pleasure of watching him on dvd was magic. He most definitely deserved the title of NZ's Best loved... Read more

5 by Rodders

This is Billy T at his best, Music, Jokes and yarns good old Kiwi stuff and with some excellent guests too. Sir Howard Morrison being one of the guests. A good show - I am not sure if there are other... Read more

4 by tetekura

A great blast from the past that triggered lots of memories of BIlly T and how talented a person he was.

4 by shannonp1

This lived up to what Billy was all about, I'm not that old but I do still remember the many comedic acts this guy use to pull off. Granted it was very much 80's/90's humor at it's best there were... Read more

4 by mrwombat

this was a blast from the past, one of NZ's most talented entertainers, it displayed his versatility and underlined the gap in NZ's entertainment with his early demise

4.5 by Old Timer

Particularly for those of us old enough to remember Billy T. this DVD is not to be missed. Magnificent.

1 by pwh

Used to love Billy T James' little skits on television. This is nothing like it.

Cringe-making song-and-dance routines alternating with tired, flat raconteur-ing had me switch off before the DVD had run half way.

1 by Lite

Contains erotic dancing also..., so this should be added to the warning.

The Lambarda doesn`t have an obvious relationship with Billy T`s Kiwi stand-up comedy.

Sir Howard Morrison does, so should be included in the cast list.

5 by Darth Vadertron

This is very very good comedy. The best classic Kiwi comic. Very good

5 Stars

3 by Striped Tiger

Although we have seen the jokes etc. many times, it is still good to see and hear the Genious of Billy T. He is the one guy that could poke the borax at the Maori race and get a laugh for every one.