Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles

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Average of 482 ratings: 3.0 Stars

2011 M Contains violence and offensive language.

It's not war. It's survival.

Led by their skillful staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart), a platoon of gutsy Marines, including Santos (Michelle Rodriguez), Simmons (Taylor Handley) and Lockett (Cory Hardrict), fight to protect all humankind from astonishingly powerful aliens who've suddenly invaded Los Angeles.

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111 minutes

DVD details

Screen Format
2.35:1 Widescreen 16x9 Enhanced
English; Danish; Finnish; Italian; Norwegian; Swedish; English for the hearing impaired
English, Italian Dolby Digital 5.1; English audio descriptive

Blu-ray details

Screen Format
1080p High Definition Widescreen 16x9 2.40:1
English; Arabic; French; Spanish; English for the hearing impaired
English, French, Spanish DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1; Catalan DTS 5.1; English audio descriptive

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14 Member Reviews Write a review

2 by devilrob

Below average alien invasion movie. Tried to be Black Hawk Down crossed with District 9 and Independence Day. Only succeeded in having boring characters whose names I couldn't even remember when they... Read more

3 by Xearo

Decent sci-fi action, typical US Marines thrown in to an invasion of LA, good flow, easy to follow, mindless action, even my wife couldn't stop watching.

Better than Skyline which has a similar... Read more

5 by Brits

Awesome movie, exactly what you want from an Sci-Fi / Action / War movie. Sure, it lacks realism, especially annoying in the first half an hour when the marines sneak down the alleys and talk with a... Read more

3.5 by JimK

Full of edge of the seat suspenseful action. For that, I thought this was a great movie. The acting was also of a good standard, which meant that this wasn't one of those "run of the mill" action... Read more

1 by chancewell

Alien invasion movies need subtext. This movie had but one subtext; ie. "US Marines rock!" A poorly veiled propaganda piece for American military 'superiority'. In other words, 'Independence Day' without... Read more

1 by pandamad

no story line, just 2 hrs of blowing up stuff.

No reason for the invasion, where who what they were.

decent acting but no story to tell!

2 by Tubbs

No originality but plenty of noise and "dramatic" acting.

3.5 by Druidsgirl

Quite good from a "wife who can't be bothered with army movies type" point of view. Action based alien invasion without all the technical rubbish and overcomplicated plots many hard core watchers would have preferred. Watched it twice.

0.5 by fordfan

Another flag waving big budget recruiting film from the States,oh-no it's Alien invasion time again & the US Marines answer the call,forgettable characters mouthing the usual gung-ho crap.Boring.........

2 by Cowman

Why does the American armed forces always save the universe? Seems arrogant.

Nice aliens, love the heavy weapon constructs.