Ballets Russes

Ballets Russes

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Average of 151 ratings: 3.7 Stars

2005 M Suitable for general audiences.

Fame, glamour, ego, politics, money, war, love . . . and dance.

For many, modern ballet began with the Ballet Russe of Monte Carlo, originally made up of Russian exiles from the Russian Revolution. This film tells the story of this landmark company with its stars and production as well as its power games, rivalries and tribulations that marked its turbulent history.

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118 minutes

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4 by adohr

Most interesting history of Russian ballet. Their tours of America, London and Australia and all the drama backstage. Quite poignant, really, to see Irina Baronova dancing as a very young girl and... Read more

2.5 by JO&N

Interesting historical film with some amazing (old) women! Must be the dance to do to keep you young!

4 by antrcat

Wonderful historical view of how modern ballet began.

4 by Grahame

An extremely interesting historical story that keeps you engrossed in the trials that took place to keep ballet alive.

4.5 by addy

It will help if you are a ballet fan and have some knowledge of who these great people were - but it's so good, anyone creative will enjoy it. It's very touching, uplifting, and often very funny. I loved it.

4 by Nibor

Excellent and fascinating. It seems that ballet dancers don't get Alzheimers!

4 by bluey

I enjoyed this doco/movie . The ballerinas were amazing at such young aage . I enjoyed listening to them as elderly citizens also . They had the most fascinating lives

3.5 by Iamthelizardqueen.

Anyone creatively inclined will recognize the diva dramas recalled in this pretty entertaining account, if you can get past the first 15 mins of cheesy narrative. Well structured, lots of historical footage. Nice.

2 by blanche1

For ballet aficionados only. One reviewer said everyone would enjoy this, and, while I enjoy a bit of ballet from time to time, this was beyond me in many parts. The ins and outs of who ran the Ballet... Read more