Anything For Her

Anything For Her

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Our best guess for you: 3.6 stars

Average of 278 ratings: 3.6 Stars

2008 M Contains violence.

Lisa (Diane Kruger) and Julien (Vincent Lindon) are married and leading a happy, quiet existence with their son Oscar (Lancelot Roch). But their lives are turned upside down one morning when the police come to their home to arrest Lisa for murder. She is sentenced to twenty years in prison. Convinced of her innocence, and faced with the failure to secure Lisa's release through legal means, Julien decides to help his wife escape. Just how far will his desire to do absolutely « anything for her » take him? A gripping story that will take your breath away : Vincent Lindon risks everything for Diane Kruger who gives a brilliant performance here.

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Diane Kruger, Vincent Lindon
Fred Cavaye
Foreign , French

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96 minutes

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16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
French Dolby Digital 5.1

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5 by Eden

This is a brilliant movie, and if you don't usually like subtitles don't let that put you off, its easy to keep up with them, and not all the action is dialogue driven, there's more than enough scenes... Read more

4 by Ctpak

This was a good movie, it kept the suspense to the end. It was interesting and well acted I definately recommend this movie!

4 by NaomiR

absolutely loved it, great yarn, edge of your seat stuff, if a little stressful. May stretch the realm of plausibility, but allow yourself to go with it, a great movie.

4 by Saxman

An Excellent movie, full of suspense and drama, the French do make good movies, and the english sub titles are no problem, easy to follow !!

0.5 by gypsy

amateurish and annoying it just got ridiculous then we stopped watching about 30mins into it

4 by kiwi

good enough that you forget that it's subtitled... an enthralling story

4.5 by Readit

Great movie! Very thought provoking, how far would I go??? Well acted great settings and very easy to follow subtitles. Great plot and full of suspense till the very end.

3.5 by biddy

anything for her we enjoy this dvd even with subtitles it keep us guessing what was happening

4 by George spinner

Thoroughly watchable even with subtitles. A good plot and ending.

4.5 by flosue

Great plot and movie, will keep you watching to the end. Sub titles easy to read.