Any Day Now

Any Day Now

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Average of 76 ratings: 3.8 Stars

2012 M Contains offensive language, sexual references and drug use.

They made him a promise. He made them a family.

Rudy and Paul take in their neighbor's teenage son Marco, who has Down syndrome, when his neglectful mother throws him out of her apartment. Their attempt to legally adopt Marco sparks a court battle over gay rights in this powerful true story.

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98 minutes

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4 by bante

Very sad story all round. sad that narrow minded bureaucrats do not accept people for who they are. everyone deserves to be loved ,even if they are not "normal" what ever that means. Who is normal?... Read more

4.5 by Rubyn

This is a movie that really moves you. It shows how society judges gay people, in a story that was inspired by actual events. It's a powerful message - a movie truly worth watching!

4.5 by Michellejoy

I was haunted by the message in this movie for a few days and knowing it was a true story made it particularly powerful and deeply moving.

4.5 by bibsy

One of the saddest and most moving films I've seen in a long time. I wasn't expecting it to cut so deep, it's a very good movie and really makes you think

3 by Geeta

Really loved the love, the character of Ruby. He was quirky and stood up for what he believed in. Sad ending though. I wasn't prepared for this and it really saddened me.