A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls

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2016 M To be confirmed.

From the director of The Impossible and The Orphanage, comes this fantastical family tale of a young boy haunted by a terrifying monster, based on the award-winning children's novel by Patrick Ness.

In the middle of each night, 13-year-old Conor is visited by a nightmare - of darkness, of a howling wind and distressing screams - until one night a different kind of nightmare visits. The huge yew tree in the graveyard behind Conor's house uproots and comes walking to loom up and into his bedroom window. Conor called the monster, it claims, and it will visit to tell him three terrible tales that will "chase and bite and hunt". In return, Conor must tell the monster a fourth tale, something true, or else be consumed by his nightmares. During the day, Conor struggles with a different kind of terror; his mother's health is fast deteriorating and she is in and out of hospital, leaving him in the care of his prickly grandmother. At school, he's the target of merciless bullies. Each night, the monster's stories of noble princes and evil queens reveal unexpected twists; the heroes behave badly, the villains turn out to be innocent, the bad aren't punished and the good aren't saved. Why, Conor wonders, is the world so complicated and unfair?

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